Marildo Montenegro :: Designer and videographer

Marildo Montenegro :: Designer and videographer

Marildo Montenegro

Communication Designer and videomaker, Porto, Portugal

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Always willing, positive and proactive, punctual, responsible, able to produce teamwork.

I´m master in graphic design with specialization in audiovisual and digital media. I have high affinity and passion for design, advertising, social media and online marketing, and I concentrate my studies and professional investigations in these areas.

Highly creative and versatile with professional and technical experience in marketing, art direction, design and audiovisual. I have great ability in strategic planning and practical and consistent solutions to various problems of communication and advertising of brands and companies. I am a voracious reader of books and sites on history, cinema, arts, design and technology.

Due to the academic background, I have gained a broad vision of various media and media, from analog to digital, I have created a vast set of skills ranging from information design, graphic design, illustration to photography, video, digital marketing and motion graphic.